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How to Inspect The Quality of The Wood Pellet Machine?

Many clients may have some problems in selecting wood pellet machine.So how to distinguish the suitable pellet machine?

The Wood Pellet Machine


When you do filed study on manufacturers of the wood pellet machine,you can tell whether the machine operate steadily according to the sound it makes when working.

Concrete method is to put one end of a iron bar on the bearing seat and listen from the other side of the machine’s operation.If the sound is clear and rhythmed without noise,it proves that the bearings and the concentricity of the principal axis are in good operating condition.


You can smell whether the pellet produced is with wooden aroma or not when test the machine.Pellets with additive binder will have a smell of chemicals,while the pure wood pellets only have wooden aroma.


Touch the part of the machine 5-20 cm above the bearing house when the test run is about to end.Because this place locates the bearing of the pellet machine’s concentricity.As long as the temperature is below 60℃,it proves the pellet machine is of small tolerance.

The Wood Pellet Machine


Look the workmanship and the material.Two pellet machine with same appearance may have a different weight of several tons.Pellet machine with good quality can operate steadily without placing on a base.

See the use effect.The best way to tell the quality of pellet machine is to test it with raw material you bring yourself.You can tell whether the shape rate is high or whether the pellets produced are of good quality with a glance.

See the customer accumulation.Test run of the machine is the first step.You can’t tell the stability of the machine’s operation in just a few hours.To see the longterm effect,you need to know the customer accumulation of this company,or you investigate in the manufactor’s factory directly.

See the price.If the pellet machine’s price is more expensive than the others’,at the same time there are still many consumers.This assures the quality of the pellet machine.You can buy it with confidence.

Through these methods you can tell the quality of the pellet machine,and it might be easier for you to purchase the machine.

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