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Is your raw material pretreated before going to pellet machine?

Drum wood chipper cut raw materials into small-diameter wood, timber logging residues (branches, twigs, etc.) and wood processing residues (skins, slats, wood core, waste veneer, etc.). It can also be used to cut the non-wood materials (eg stick, reeds, bamboo, etc.). It charges the material evenly, high yield, is the ideal equipment paper mills, plywood, MDF and other industrial production preparation steps and all kinds of wood chip production base.

drum wood chipper

Drum wood chipper generally consists of wood frame portion, knife roll up and down the feeding mechanism, feeding device and hydraulic damping system components. In a certain range ,clients can discharge the chip size according to the requirements.

During operation, the material is full-crushed in the crushing cavity and effective crushing, high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, crushing the material evenly. It is with low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance.

drum wood chipper


1, convey raw material via the belt conveyor.
2, the upper and lower feed tube, discharge from below.
3, according to the feeding method, it requires digging into the foundation type and free foundation type.
4, the sieve control the discharged material size.


1, the reverse feeder, belt conveyor can be reversible, big wood can be withdrawed, avoid large and hard material impact blade, the machine can not be operated well.
2, the feed can be equipped with variable frequency control speed, the machine running smoothly.
3, hydraulic damping system to ensure smooth operation
4, drum chipper is suitable for all kinds of wood, logs and wood with tree branches, etc.

drum wood chipper

Drum machine can feed roller large diameter wood, heavier weight and the surface with coarse teeth, which can compress raw materials, the raw material into the cutting speed in a balanced position, ensure that the length and quality of the chipper, the upper and lower feed roller gear staggered, so that debris is cleaned.

This drum chipper are mostly raw materials, cutting of small diameter timber, wood branches, lumber scraps of paper plates, etc. It does not need to be screened after crushed. Thus the production of drum chipper is considerable. So, if some of fiberboard production of small and medium enterprises, need cut raw materials to produce fiberboard, I suggest using a drum chipper.

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