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How long Is the Lifetime for ring die of Wood Pellet Machine?

Any equipment has its lifetime.Reasonable use and maintenance can effectively prolong the lifetime of equipment. As an important accessory in the pelletizing process,how long is the lifetime for the ring die of wood pellet machine? How to maintenance the ring die? 

The ring die of wood pellet machine is a porous and ring-shaped vulnerable part. The die wall is thin and densely covered with die holes .The assembly size is with high accuracy.When working,under the press of rotating ring die and roller, raw material is extruded from inner wall to outside through die holes in strips.And then cut knife will cut pellets into needed length.

Surely,the ring die quality of wood pellet machine  is not the same.Its lifetime is usually measured by the quality of materials it processed.The lifetime of general-quality ring die is around 800-1200 hours,and that of the best-quality ring die is around 1500-1800 hours.This has something to do with the amount of equipment´s cost.But,in the course of daily use,we must pay attention to maintain the ring die of pellet machine,which can prolong its lifetime.

While using wood pellet machine ,how to care and maintain the ring die?

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The preservation of pellet machine’s ring die

One should turn to manufacturers with professional production skills. Combined with different materials and actual using condition, they will design and customize ring dies with different technician,so as to avoid the accelerated wearing of the ring die and rollers.

The gap between press roller and ring die must be kept within 0.1-0.3mm. Don´t make the uneven press roller contact the surface of ring die or make the gap of one side too wide, thus preventing causing worsen abrasion of ring die and press roller.

When the machine starts,the feed rate should increase evenly from low to high. Don’t make it operate with high speed in the beginning. That will cause the damage of ring die and pellet machine and make the ring die block materials because of sudden overload.

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The maintenance for the ring die of pellet machine:

When we stop the machine, we should press the remaining raw materials lest the heat of ring die would make materials remained in die holes dry and hard,thus causing pellets to block or ring die to crack.

When loading and unloading the ring die,don’t use hard tools ,like hammer, to beat ring die’s surface.

Ring die must be kept in dry and clean places.If put in some damp place,die hole will corrosion ,which reduces lifetime of the ring die.

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