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What is the sawdust pellet machine application and charateristics?

Sawdust pellet machine, A progressive wood energy recycling machine, wood wastes, sawdust can be pressed into a new energy pellets via this machine, treated as a fuel. is it really used widely?
In fact, wood pellet machine is mainly to process wood into pellets used as fuel. Application depends on how we use it. The timber, furniture factory waste sawdust and scrap wood, can be processed into wood pellets, turning waste into treasure.

sawdust pellet machine

Sawdust pellet machine application

-- Sawdust pellet machine is widely used in large-scale farms, feed mill, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical and other pressing pellets. The raw material is mainly corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cob, cotton stalks, soybean pole, chaff, weed , branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid waste. It goes through crushing, pressing, densification, molding, solid rod made of small pellets of fuel, which is a kind of high density granulation molding equipment.

-- Under normal temperature circumstance, pellet fuel is pressed via roller and ring mold to the wood, straw, and other materials squeeze.
Material density is generally about 110-130kg / m3, pellets density after forming is greater than 1100kg / m3, which improve the biomass material transport and storage, the combustion performance, the efficiency, and reduce post-combustion production of harmful substances.

wood pellet

► Molded pellet fuel is a new biomass energy, it can replace firewood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, widely used for heating, living stove, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants.

► Forming the fuel can be used for rural energy, rural and urban life and production of high quality to provide fuel savings of fossil energy consumption, an important measure to improve the ecological environment.

wood pellet machine

  Features of wood pellet machine

1, low energy consumption. A set of equipment only need 75 kilowatts electricity, generated biomass pellets 1 ton, power consumption is only 60 kilowatts;

2. Human resource conservation. A set of equipment from production to packaging only need two workers, and low labor intensity;

3. Production Environment. Internal equipment have dust removal system, low noise, no dust, sewage discharge;

4, high operating efficiency. Mechanical wear low, simple operation, easy maintenance;

5, widely applicable. It need small land area, applied in urban and rural. It not only can process agricultural and forestry wasted into biomass pellet fuel, but also press the sewage treatment plant sludge, smoke residue Tobacco Factory, pharmaceutical companies dregs, vinegar residue, sugar sugar slag, etc.

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