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What we should to pay attention to when selecting the suitable ring mold?

Ring die is a kind of porous ring wearing parts with high precision.When the material is in the rotary extrusion of the ring die and the pressing roller, it is extruded out from the inner wall through the die hole, and then is cut into the required length by the cutting knife.

Ring die is an important part of its pellet machine,and it has a direct effect on the power consumption,yield and quality.Then ,what we need to pay attention to when selecting suitable pellet machine ring mold?

select ring mold

When selecting the ring molding machine, the most critical is to select the appropriate mold hole and the roughness of the mold hole. When the new ring mode is put into operation, the production capacity and the quality of the pellet need to be checked.If the output is too small and the pellet quality is poor, you need to test the raw materials to see if the mold specifications are not matched with the raw material.Once this happens, the specification of the ring die should be re selected.

In addition, the production capacity and product quality, to a large extent are effected by the impact of the ring mold design.Such as the material of the ring mode, the compression ratio of the ring, the die hole shape of the ring die and the opening ratio of the ring die.

Ring mold material

The ring mold is generally made of carbon steel, alloy structural steel or stainless steel by forging, machining, drilling die hole and heat treatment.Users can choose of the ring mold material according to the needs.

Compression ratio of ring mode

The user can select the compression ratio of the ring mode according to the raw material formula.Choosing a slightly lower compression ratio is favorable for increasing production, reducing energy consumption, reducing wear and other ring, but also affects the quality of pellets, increasing the rate of powder.

select ring mold

Die hole shape of ring die

The mould hole of the ring die has a straight hole, a step shaped hole, an outer cone hole and an inner cone hole. For different materials, different die hole diameter should be used.

Opening ratio of ring die

The opening rate of ring die means the ratio of effective total area of ring die hole and effective total area of ring die.

Basic maintenance of ring mode

Reasonable maintenance of the ring model is an important part of the economic and effective use of the ring. In the production process, if not in accordance with the rules of operation ,ring mold plug, wear, sealing and inversion phenomenon will occur.If there is not necessary maintenance for it, it will result in reduced production, energy consumption, and even no product phenomenon and so on. When the ring die is changed, it is required to fill the die hole with the oil material in the heat, so that the ring mode can reach the best state in the next production. 

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