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Wood Crusher according to your own needs

You may already know, different materials needing to pass many section, then it can press pellets.For example: too high moisture content, it needs drying section; Big size material needs to crush;Before pellets packing section  needs to cool.

Now we mainly learn the crushing section, how many types of wood crusher? Choose appropriate crusher according to different materials ?

Wood crusher principle is to use a hammer pounding to achieve the result of crushing, lamented after breaking through the shredder sieve, sieve material, in addition to complete the whole crushing section.Wood crusher has five or six types.

1.Drum wood chipper

Drum wood chipper can cut logs or some scraps, waste, etc (usually some big size of wood)into 3 cm chips. Feeding mouth is big, it can increase the number of the moving knife to adjust the size of the wood according to customer requirements.

drum wood chipper

2.Disc wood chipper

Compared with drum wood machine, its feeding size is smaller, but the principle is the same as the drum wood chipper.

disc wood chipper

3. Water type wood crusher

Water type wood crusher specially used for crushing some concentrate material, such as corn, soybean meal, sorghum, etc.Commonly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and feed mills, etc. Named water type wood crusher because its shape like water droplets, also known as feed mill.

water type wood crusher

4. High efficiency wood crusher

High efficiency wood crusher is dedicated to crush some straw and weeds, PVC, foam board, etc.Used in the feed factory, farm, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical industry, etc.Because of its containing two pieces of screen mesh, crushing efficiency is relatively high, so named high efficiency wood crusher.

high efficiency wood crusher

5.Double rotor wood crusher

Double rotor crusher, as the name implies, double rotor, containing two motors, actually a combination of two efficient crusher. So, the application and efficiency is the same as high efficiency crusher, higher efficiency, and greater capacity.

double rotor wood crusher

6. Multi-functional wood crusher

Yes, multi-functional crusher, as the name implies, multi-functions, namely for a variety of materials can be crushed. Used for maize straw, branches, cotton straw, wood chips, sawdust and so on.Mainly used in chemical pharmaceutical, food, biomass energy industry.

muti-functional wood crusher

Through the simple introduction, do you have a certain understanding for  the choice of wood crusher?
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