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What aspects can not make material into pellets?

There are kinds of reasons which can not make material into pellets, such as the raw material characteristic, mold compression ratio, the space between roller and mold, etc.

wood pellet

Raw material

    ▶  Raw material size

Generally, the soft material can easily be pressed into pellets, such as sawdust, if the raw material is hard or it is powder type, it needs mix with wood shavings to press into pellets. The sawdust best size is 1-2 mm.

    ▶  Raw material moisture

The best sawdust moisture is around 13% (the pellets moisture is around 8% in market), it should be 10%-20%.

raw material

Mold compression ratio don't match with raw material 

-- Compression ratio is the ratio of the mold hole length and the mold hole diameter. In the production process, materials are extrusion friction with the mold, roller, the pore size becomes large, and its die orifice length becomes shorter, the pellet quality will drop.

-- Manufacturers provide users with a compression ratio of abrasive material according to the customers' requirements. Users find the right compression ratio according to their raw materials, control the pellets quality well, improve the equipments work efficiency.

ring die mold

The space between roller and mold

The best general pressure wheel and abrasive gap is 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm. The gap is too big, pressure is not enough, it can not be extruded; the gap is too small, the backlog of particle density, smoothness may be better, but it will increase the friction wheel mold pressure, reduce abrasive life and influence the pellet production capacity.

 (1) Flat die:

The flat die pellet mill have two screws around both sides, it can adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the disc through the screw tightness, the smaller space, the hardness pellets.

(2) Vertical ring die:

Vertical ring die pellet mill is the most durable biomass fuel pellet machine. The adjustment between pressure abrasive wheel and mold is achieved by adjusting the screw press round fixtures.

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