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How to storage the biomass pellets?

Biomass pellets are cylindrical pellets as fuel, the crushed solid biomass material pressed by the pellet machine, with the advantages of renewable and “Zero carbon emissions”.

It will cause the biomass pellet moisture and heat problems according to the differences of temperature, moisture and storage method during storage process. Then it has a bad influence in biomass pellet transportation and application.

So how to storage the biomass pellets? What need to pay attention to?

storage the biomass pellets


As we know, biomass pellets will be loose if the moisture higher,and this will effect the burning efficiency. Too much moisture in the air and rainy season are unfavorable to the biomass pellets storage. You had better choose the moisture-proof package pellets, which is easy to storage.

If you buy the pellets in normal package, please notice the circumstance moisture, and do not storage in open. The pellets will be loose in teh 10% moisture circumstance, so please assure the storage room dry without the damp phenomenon appears.

storage the biomass pellets


Biomass pellets are flammable, please assure that no fire is in storage place. You had better send staff to arrange storage work and check the safety during produce or purchase the biomass pellets.

As a biomass pellet manufacturer, please pay more attention to the biomass pellets storage safety, then it can guarantee high product quality and obtain high sales profit.

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