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How long storage for the wood pellet?

Withe the advantage of small size, high density & purity & heating value, easy for storage and transportation, nowadays the biomass wood pellet is widely used in all kinds of production and processing. With the improvement of the production technology and growth of market demand in recent years, the potential market for biomass pellet is becoming huge and huge.

In this strong demand, many owners began to produce large amount of biomass wood pellet. So how long the biomass wood pellet can be storage?

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Basically the biomass wood pellet is packing by plastic bags, paper bags or woven bag. In this case it will have the opportunity to contact with air, because the air itself contains with humidity, so the wood pellet will be loose. If for long-term of storaged, the quality for biomass wood pellet will be influenced even if the air contains with lower moisture.

The main factors affect the the biomass wood pellet quality is temperature, humidity and storage condition. Too big humidity, or higher in  temperature,  the biomass  wood pellet will appear moldy, cracks, etc. Also it may cause changing of the biomass calorific value and durability. All these factors will have adverse effects on the transport and application of biomass wood pellet.

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The environment relative humidity is around 10% for the biomass wood pellet storage. if less than 10% can be stored for 6 months, while if greater than 10% the storage time general is only between 1 to 3 months. Therefore, it is important to choose a very good condition for the storage of biomass wood pellet to ensure the humidity and temperature in the normal range.

Generally the storage is based on actual usage of the biomass wood pellet. It is better to avoid one-time storage with a large amount. When it is possible, you can produce the wood pellet by yourself to avoid the storage troubles and saving cost.

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