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What is the usage and features of straw pellet machine?

Straw pellet machine, is the biomass pellet fuel molding machine using straw as the main raw material. What is its main purpose? Does it have wide range of application?

straw pellet machine

Application of straw pellet machine

In fact, straw pellet machine has a quite wide range of application, such as corn stalks, cotton stalks, soybean straw, rice straw, wheat straw and weeds, twigs, leaves, sawdust and other waste materials, all can be used as a raw material.

Straw pellet machine presses the raw materials to make pellet fuel at normal temperature. It can solve the basic life energy in rural areas, increase farmers' income, but also is a new fuel for biomass power generation.

After forming the straw pellet fuel has advantages of high density, high calorific value, fully burning, low cost, easy to use, clean, easy storage and transport.

In addition, straw pellet fuel can replace firewood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied and petroleum gas. It is widely used for heating, living stove, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, and straw power plants.

straw pellet machine

Main application:

1、Home heating and daily life heating: high fuel efficiency, easy storage;

2、Industrial straw boilers: As a major fuel for industrial boiler,  it can replace coal, and solve the environmental pollution problem;

3、Power: used as fuel for thermal power plant.

Features of straw pellet machine

Yufchina straw pellet machine adopts high precision gear drive as main drive, and use quick release hoop type ring die, efficiency 20% higher than the belt drive type. the whole transmission part adopts the selected high-quality bearings and oil seals to ensure  transmission efficient, and stable, and low noise. It has features of small floor space, simple operation, high productivity and low energy consumption.

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