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How to increase the pellet mill capacity?

The capacity of biomass pellet mill is usually related to the raw materials and operating factors. To a great extent, the quality of raw materials directly determines the efficient of pellet mill, at the same time operating factors are also important to the pellet mill production capacity. So how to keep the best efficiency of the pellet mill?

the pellet mill capacity

Raw Materials

♦ Raw materials size. We may decide the raw materials processing size according to the raw materials type and output pellet size. The appropriate size of raw materials is easy to produce high grade pellet. So please make attention to the processing size of the raw materials.
♦ Materials cleanliness. Higher cleanliness of the raw materials, the higher efficiency of the pellet mill.

♦ Moisture of the raw materials. Too much moisture will influence the pellet quality and arise more energy consumption and equipment wear. So there is restrict demand for the moisture of the raw materials, it is better between 8-15%.

the pellet mill capacity

♦ Hardness of the raw materials. Too hard materials is difficulty for pellet making and even gives higher forming pressure, which will easily damaged the spare parts.

♦ Materials viscosity. The greater viscosity of raw materials, the more easy to adhere to the inside parts of pellet mill. If we do not remove the adhesive, it will reduce the production capacity and even affect the normal operation of pellet mill.

♦ Density of raw materials. Generally speaking, big density of raw materials will gives higher capacity of pellet mill.

the pellet mill capacity

Operating Factors

-- Make suitable adjustment of the roller and ring die, appropriate pressure give good result for the pellet density.

-- Replace the old ring die on time. Both ring die and roller are wearing parts of the pellet mill, over use will decline the performance.

-- Choose suitable ring die specification. To keep higher capacity and good quality pellet, please pay more attention to the suitable specification of the ring die.


the pellet mill capacity

-- Keep the standard friction factor between raw materials, rollers and the ring die inside surface.

-- Keep uniform raw materials feeding of pellet mill.

-- After pellet making, adopt cooling system to prevent  loosen, after cooling the pellet temperature will be +3-5 degree higher than room temperature.

When operating the pellet mill, please follow the operation manual and make suitable adjustment of each parts. Besides, well maintenance and equipment cleaning in periodical. 

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