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What is the quantity of wood pellet we can got with 1 ton of raw materials?

With the market heat increase of the biomass pellet, more and more people enters into the industry. Many consultants have same question, that is, how many wood pellet we can produce with one ton of raw materials?
In fact, there are many factors have influence with the capacity, generally as follows:

wood pellet

Cleanliness Of Raw Materials

Cleanliness of the raw materials depends on the apacity of the wood pellet. The higher the degree of the cleanliness, the higher capacity we can get.

Moisture Of Raw Materials

This is inseparable for the output capacity and the raw materials moisture. You should keep the moisture between 8-15% for the raw materials. When drying will take off some moisture, so the more moisture content in the raw materials, the less output pellet we can get.

wood pellet

Pellet Mill

In order to ensure the quality and capacity of the pellet output, simple rely on the cleanliness and moisture of raw materials is not enough, suitable pellet mill also very important. Qualified pellet mill can cooperate the roller and ring die in proper way, the forming rate can reach more that 95%, otherwise we can not quarantee the output capacity. So it is important to choose the suitable pellet mill.
All the above three points is the main factors which affecting the output capacity, the specific situation have influence depends on difference case.

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