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How to reduce the ring die abrasion of wooden pellet machine?

Many customers spend munch money on wood pellet machine equipments, but they did not pay much attention to the operation during the process of production causing a lot of unnecessary loss, thus shorten the service life of the pellet machine.

Considering the common problems in the use of the pellet machine, we Yufeng heavy machinery gives some reasonable suggestions and hopes that the problems related with customer’s mold of the wood pellet machine could be resolved.

The bearing of the wood pellet machine should be cleaned with diesel oil and you are required to put some lubricant grease on it every 30 days if the machine can work under normal functional conditions. During the working hours, you should make sure that raw materials contains no stones and iron like debris to protect the ring die from out of working.

the ring die abrasion

How to reduce the ring die abrasion of the wooden pellet machine? Here are some specific methods of its operation.

♦ Materials must be screened carefully, and you could not perform the machine until the iron is safely out;

♦ Formal feeding, avoid excessive pale-ups in the pelleting bin during the work;

♦ Materials should be crushed to the appropriate size and as far as possible to ensure they are in the most appropriate suppression range;

♦ Check the lubrication system of the machine regularly and prevent the machine go to damage out of lacking oil;

the ring die abrasion

♦ Replace the gear oil in the gear box of the wooden pellet machine regularly, new machine needs to be replaced oil with working 400 hours and must be replaced once again after working 500 hours, so you can extend the service life of the gear;

♦ Check all the parts of connection parts of the machine whether loose or not, meantime clean up the feeding auger and modulator to avoid the occurrence of equipment failure;

♦ Avoid overloading production. No production process permitted to exceed the scope of the capacity of the machine , or it will accelerate parts abrasion, and reduce the service life.

Daily operation and maintenance is the key to prolong the service life of the wooden pellet machine, enterprises should strengthen the management of equipment  to improve efficiency.  

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