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What is the reason of the ring die blockage?

When operating the pellet machine, some customers find the ring die usually blocked, which is a very common problem. So what makes the ring die of pellet machine blocked?

the ring die blockage

Raw material factors

Different kinds of raw materials directly affect the pellet making. We need to equip with different specification of ring die when processing with different materials.

We should keep uniform sizes of raw material crushing. Because the sizes of raw material not only determines the quality of the pellet, but also has a certain effect on the ring die usage of pellet mill.

Steam factors

Pellet machine will produce a lot of steam in the production process, Yufeng pellet machine equipped with bag and cyclone dust collector can remove dust effectively, in addition, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of  machine blockage caused by a large amount of steam inside the machine during the production process.

The use of the new ring die

Generally speaking, new ring die needs reasonable grinding for the first use. In the grinding process, feeding should be from less to more in order to avoid blocking the ring die. And equally important to pay attention to buying a new quality reliable ring die form rightful manufacturer, which can ensure normal operation of the pellet machine.

the ring die blockage

How to resolve the blockage of ring die?

In the production process, if the ring die blocks especially the small aperture pressure die which are more difficult to clean up, the most common way is to use electric drill getting the material out, but this is a waste of time and easy to damage the degree of finish of die hole. So it is better we pay more attention to avoid blockage when operation.

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