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Six tips for constructing your own wood pellet plant

For a commercial and proper design, you should know the following problems and supply them to the wood pellet plant supplier:

What's the kind of materials do you need to process?

-- Wood logs, wood chips, saw dust, and what is the wood variety?
-- Agro-waste, grass,
--- Leaves or other materials?
Know your raw material they can recommend the suitable pelletizing system for you.

raw material

What's initial dimension (the diameter and the length for wood logs) of the raw materials?

-- It is essential for decide whether you need the crushing system or not, and if you need, which type of crusher you need.

-- If your raw material is longer than 6m, and the diameter is bigger than 1m, you need wood cutter, and other assistant equipment. Then using the crusher to grind them.

What’s the moisture of the raw material?

It is necessary for determine whether you need a dryer system. The best initial moisture is around 13%~15% which is relative with the varieties of wood. Different moisture will need different dryer.

      • If the moisture of your raw material is more than 40%, maybe you need rotary dryer, which will be high efficiency.  
      • If the moisture is only a bit higher than 15%, maybe drying by sun will be a better choice than dryer, it is cost-effective.

drum dryer

How many tons per hour of the materials do you plan to process, that's your required the production capacity?

You should know what’s output / production capacity do you need, then the supplier will give you a proper offer with the extra capacity, this is a critical factor affects the price.

What about the diameter of the finished pellets you need, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or other?

-- This info determines the diameter of the ring die you needed. Of course, you can order more than one ring die at the same time.
-- It is better to send the pictures of the raw material for reference.
-- See your raw material, the supplier will have a good realize of your raw material.

ring die mold

If you need the finished pellet packing system, how many kilograms per bag, 50kgs or 100kgs... per bag?

-- This info will determine the packing system you need.
-- To be honest, more details you provided, will make the supplier a more clear realize of your requirement.

Hope this article could give you a help when you plan to invest in the wood pellet plant.

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