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How to regulate the water content of the biomass wood pellet?

Many customers have the same questions in the production of biomass wood pellet, that is, how to regulate the water content of biomass pellet fuel?
Many people believe that it is necessary to add water to the raw material in the production of biomass wood pellet. But I should tell you it is wrong information.

biomass wood pellet

In fact, we do not need to add any water in production if the moisture of raw materials in a certain range. The optimal range is between 8 to 15% for the raw materials moisture content. Just keep this in mind when running the pellet plant.
It is key to control the moisture content of the raw materials. Too day we have to add some water but please be sure to mixing very well. If too wet we have to dry the raw materials before pellet making.

biomass wood pellet

How to determine the moisture content in the raw materials?

Generally speaking, with rich experience for pellet making, you can feeling the moisture content by touch. When we loosen hand the raw materials can be natural loose. In this case the material just in the most appropriate moisture condition.
Of course, the best choice is to use the moisture measuring instrument . Please insert the moisture measuring instrument in the raw material,  you can start the pellet making if the display shows between 8 to 15.

How long storage for the wood pellet?

Do we need drier for pellet making?

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