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Which pellet machine is best for biomass pellet fuel?

Ring die pellet machine is suitable for high viscosity, difficult to form pellets, such as rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut husk, and other husks; the tree branch, truck, bark, and other wood wastes; all kinds of agriculture wastes; rubber, cement, ash, and other chemical raw material.

It is applied to biomass fuel plants, power plants, timber, furniture factory, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, the investment is small, the ideal compression molding equipment.

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Ring die pellet machine features:

1. High degree of automation ring,simple manual operation. At the same time, the machine is with high yield, low power consumption, save energy.

2. Kinds of raw materials adaptable: suitable for forming a variety of biomass feedstock. Material size ≦ 50mm, moisture content is 10% - 25%, which can be processed into pellets well.

3. Roller ring mold particles machine has an automatic adjustment function: the use of the principle of bi-directional rotation thrust bearing automatically adjust the pressure angle, so that the materials are not crowded, not boring machine, to ensure the stability of the material forming.

4. Ring mold particles machine dies, pressure rollers are easy accessibility, the pellet size can be adjusted according to the mold.

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Ring die pellet machine advantages

▶ Ring die pellet mill die upward vertical fed into pellet mechanism chamber, so the material is easy to radiating without any other assisting device.
▶ High production capacity, low power consumption, which is better than flat die pellet mill. Because the flat die pellet mill rotation speed is lower than the ring die pellet mill, the capacity is smaller than the ring die pellet mill.
▶ The roller rotation, the mold is stationary, the material under the effect of centrifugal force evenly distributed, which will not produce the phenomenon of clogging the mold.
▶ Compared with flat die pellet mill, the ring die pellet machine has three advantages: high efficiency capacity; high hardness pellets; long life span, less failure rate.

All in all, the ring die pellet mill is the best machine with high quality and low price.

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