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What will be lost in the process of wood pellet machine?

The wood pellet mill, with application eucalyptus , birch, poplar, cottonwood, bamboo shavings, wood and other scrap as raw material. Raw material is crushed into sawdust then feed from top to bottom into the mold, by the pressing of wheel rotating, the material is driven to around and then through the pressure roller and the ring die extrusion, the forming device of cylindrical pellet is formed finally.

Wood pellet machine generally adopts renewable wood wastes as raw materials, which greatly reduces the cost. The wood pellet can be used not only for power plant, direct combustion, but also urban heating, as a substitute for boiler fuel. We can see the economic benefits brought by the pellet machine.

YufChina wood pellet machine has effectively solved the problem of the difficult granulation in the production of crude fiber. We also help to choose efficient pellet production line for many customers, and we have got great praise among the pellet machine industry. But the wood pellet machine will appear some daily wear and tear ,what are the specific losses?

wood pellet machine

Storage process

There will be water losing in the storage process of raw materials, some of the raw materials related with high moisture is suffered obviously (such as corn straw)

Crushing process

In the process of crushing, if the design for crushed cooling and dedusting system is unreasonable, the distributed heat that generated in the production process will lead to the loss of water, and what is worse, it will affect to the crushing efficiency . Therefore, the temperature change of material should be monitored regularly before crushing or finishing.

In addition, if the dedust system is not qualified, fine powder & dust will leak during the production process ,which will be a waste of raw material as well as pollute the environment.

wood pellet machine

Production process

In the production process, wood pellet mill is used to extrusion granulating, which will produce high heat, the tempreture is lower about 7%-8% than the raw material after the general pellet formed by cooling water, which is the normal loss and you can obtain it through the contrast about the moisture of raw material and pellet.

More or less losing the raw material occured in the pellet production process , there are many reasons for this losing. but as long as we can control the moisture well, and reduce fine powder, then the produced biomass pellet can effectively reduce the energy loss, what is equal important is to improve the palatability and appearance, then the loss will be controlled on the whole.

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