Visit customer site of Yufchina complete wood pellet production line



The production line conclude biomass pellet mill 4 sets, hammer mill 1 set, cyclone, rotary dryer 1 set, etc

Biomass Pellet Machine

Pellet forming rate 99%, durable and stable.

Hammer Mill

Simple operation, small vibration, high efficiency


Widely application, strong dust collection efficiency

Rotary Drier

Short drying time, high production capacity, low power consumption



The line shows in three workshop: raw material stacked workshop, screen and drying workshop, pellet making and package workshop

Three workshops show the compelete line working process, left 1 is raw material stacked workshop, left 2 is screen and drying workshop, left 3 is pellet making and package workshop

Raw material enters into rotary screen through belt conveyor, then screen the big wood size out.

In the third worshop, 4 sets YFK560 pellet mill capacity is 6 ton per hour, raw material is conveyed to the silo via belt conveyor

There are abudant sawdust locally, the first workshop is for raw material stacked workshop

Then sawdust is conveyed to three drum dryer through belt coneyor, and dried by dryer. The dried sawdust goes to next workshop for raw material storage via fan.

The pellets are conveyed by flat conveyor, then through steep conveyor, bucket elevator, conveyed to cooling machine.

Sawdust is fed into the silo, which use one set forklift pushing sawdust into silo

The second workshop is drying section, the capacity is 2 t/h, 24 working hours continue drying sawdust

The pellets after cooling are conveyed to automatic package machine through vibrating screen, then package bag by bag, the pellets can be sold directly.



No.2Material feed:1person,Dryer Electric control 1 person,.No.3 workshop feed material 1 person,Packing process 1 person,which is a high automatic wood pellet production line.So our customer decide to buy another wood pellet production line,so the whole capacity will up to 12t/h,We will go back to have a visit.