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We give you the best biomass pellet machine in China
The complete machine + process design = Automatic biomass pellet production line

Crusher series

Wood Chipper



Screen Equipment

Cooling System

Package System

Accessory Equipment

Yufchina chief engineer
vietnam 20t/h pellet production line


Puyang 6t/h pellet production line


Anhui 4t/h pellet production line


Top of biomass material adaptability

Not just sawdust

Rice husk
Rubber wood
Pine wood
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The customer only has the best persuasive

Customer & Delivery Record & Recent customer site

  • Indian customers inspect Yufchina bag dust collector on-site
  • India Customer inspection biomass pellet machine mold
  • India Customer Consult 1.5TPH Agricultural Waste Pellet Line
  • Mauritius customer learn Yufchina pig feed pellet production line
  • Finland Customers purchase the burner at second time

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