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Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator used to lift material from bottom to top, when material feed in to hopper, bucket elevator lift material to top continuously. You can adjust the convey speed according to the convey quantity, and choose the height you want. Adapt to lift pellet fuel, food, medicine, chemical product.  
Yufchina bucket elevator is composed of running platform (bucket and traction belt), the upper part (with transmission drum), the lower part (tension drum), intermediate casing and driving part, etc. It is used to vertically lift rubbed powder, granular and small lump materials with the density ρ<1.5t/m3.

The advantages at a glance

1. The driving motor is small. The bucket adopts the technology of flow type feeding and Induction unloading and high volume, in the bucket lifting process, there is almost no material returning and digging phenomenon during material lifting process. Therefore, use less power is less.

2. Wide range of application. Yufchina bucket elevator has no special requirement on the materials, which can not only lift the rubbed powder, granular and small lump materials, but also the materials with high grinding characteristics, it is of good leakproofness and less environmental pollution.

3. Strong reliability. The advanced design theory and processing method makes sure the good running of the bucket elevator, it can work 20,000 hours without any fault.

4. Long service life. The feeding cover of the bucket elevator adopts the flow-through type, no need the digging, which makes sure there is no pressing and collision. The design of this machine can guarantee less material scattered during feeding and discharging, which reduces the friction of the machine.
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