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Wood Chipper
Disc Wood Chipper

Disc Wood Chipper

The disc wood chipper machine is a heavy duty special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in the raw materials preparing process for the factories of flakboard, fireberboard, papermaking and wood chips making plants.

The Industrial disc wood chipper /crusher machine is composed of machine base, cutter, feed port, housing, electronic control systems and other parts. Cutter is made of wear-resistant chrome plate. Knife, bed knife and knife bolts are made of special steel.

Disc wood chipper / crusher machine process the wood, branch and bamboo into chips with the advantage of low investment and energy consumption.

Disc wood chipper /crusher machine draw essence of domestic and abroad, using high wear-resistant rotor, feed wood log to wood chipper directly, grinding into small chips, high production capacity and long service life.
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