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Drum Wood Chipper

Drum Wood Chipper

The Commercial Drum wood chipper machine for sale is a special equipment that produces wood chips. The machine includes the body, knife/blade roller, the upper and lower feed rollers, belt conveyor, hydraulic systems, and knife roller (will install two or four, six rotary knives, etc.). According to the thickness and diameter of the materials, the upper feed roller assembly can use the hydraulic system to fluctuate within a certain range.

The drum type commercial wood chipper is of advanced structure, high quality cutting, wide adaptability, easy operation and maintenance.
The main raw materials are cutting small trees, timber harvesting, processing residues, also be used to cut the non-wood raw materials (such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.).

The machine body is made of high strength steel welded together, it is the supporting foundation of the whole machine. It doesn’t need to built new foundation, save cost and convenient flexible. The wood chipper is widely used by wood chipper manufacturers, wood shaving plants, highly MDF plants, straw plants, biomass power plants, wood factories, which is the preferred equipment at the preparation steps.

Mobile Drum Wood Chipper

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